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Latin America is one of the fastest growing beauty markets in the world. With rising disposable incomes and levels of digital connectivity, the region is ripe with opportunity for beauty brands. As consumer demand for prestige beauty continues to grow, companies are increasingly looking towards LATAM as a key market for expansion. Building a strong brand presence in LATAM is not the same as it is in the US — it requires a nuanced understanding of regional culture, trends and consumer preferences.

Market Defense has in-depth knowledge of the market in LATAM. We help brands articulate their businesses in this exciting emerging market while continuing to align with their enterprise strategies.

Connecting your brand with the LATAM consumer.

Mercado Libre is the dominant ecommerce marketplace in LATAM with over 650M visits per month. Remarkably strong performances in Brazil and Mexico drove retail sales 22% in 2022, reaching $35 billion and leading to incremental growth in market share in both countries. The platform’s advertising unit, Mercado Ads, grew 70% YoY and ad sales equated to 3% of all digital ad spend in LATAM.

Amazon is the second largest online marketplace in LATAM, with 92M monthly visits in Brazil and 73M monthly visits in Mexico. While this represents only 3% of Amazon’s total global traffic, it also indicates an opportunity for growth in the region.

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