Walmart Services

Walmart requires brand control from the top down to the bottom line.

A beauty brand’s image and reputation are crucial. We have the tools to navigate Walmart’s unique requirements and algorithms and fortify your brand, shield it from infringement, fight reputational damage, and uphold your desired customer experience.

Take control over how your products are presented on Walmart. You can maintain consistent branding, product descriptions, and imagery that accurately reflect your brand’s identity. This helps in building trust and recognition among customers and eliminates customer confusion and deep discounting by rogue resellers.

We employ a specialized approach to Walmart ad strategy development.

We tailor ad campaigns to align precisely with the unique dynamics of the Walmart marketplace. We leverage advanced data analytics to optimize ad performance and ROI, providing hands-on management of your Walmart ads, from creation to ongoing optimization. Our commitment extends to delivering comprehensive reporting with transparent, actionable insights and performance metrics.

We focus on enhancing your Walmart product listings for maximum visibility and conversion through product page optimization and engaging storytelling in enhanced content. Tailored storefront strategies, integrating sponsored content and social media, further amplify the impact of your Walmart storefront. With our comprehensive ad campaign management, encompassing both search and display advertising, we ensure optimal reach. Our approach balances growth-focused tactics with defensive strategies to maintain market position, while active participation in key Walmart programs maximizes visibility and sales.

Leverage our full suite of capabilities.


“Market Defense understands that beauty is its own very special beast. Market Defense is tapped into the beauty game something fierce. They know exactly how to position us, who our competitors are, who is doing what and how. That is critical.”