Explore the insights in Market Defense’s Amazon Beauty Report for Cyber Weekend 2023, covering the extended holiday shopping period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. Uncover which beauty brands led the sales charts, the products that were most sought-after, and the strategic keywords that catalyzed significant traffic and sales.

Amazon’s October 2023 Prime Big Deal Days Beauty Report

Explore our in-depth report that sheds light on Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days in the beauty retail sector.

July 2023 Prime Day Report

The first day of Prime Day 2023 (July 11) was the single largest sales day in Amazon’s history, resulting in a 6% increase over 2022. Market Defense’s portfolio far exceeded Amazon’s growth, increasing sales 286% over 2022.

November 2022: Turkey 5 Report

Amazon proclaimed 2022 their biggest Turkey 5 in history. The Market Defense portfolio delivered Turkey 5 sales volumes equal to 166% MoM, kicking the holiday season off in a big way.

October 2022: Prime Day Report

The Market Defense portfolio delivered October 2022 Prime Day sales volumes equal to 92% of July’s volumes, exceeding Amazon’s guidance of 60%.