The people working at Market Defense are a diverse team of international beauty & Amazon marketplace experts. We’re driven by our core values of collaboration and transparency and doing the right thing for our clients, partners, and community.

We are strategists, advocates, logisticians, planners, marketers, analysts, advertisers, creatives, merchandisers, and more.

Market Defense Team

Brandon Pemberton

Vanessa Kuykendall
COO + Co-Founder

Lisa Raimondo
Lisa Raimondo
Chief Commercial Officer

Dave Karlsven
SVP, Client Marketing and Data Science

Skylla Jones Market Defense
Skylla Jones
SVP, Business Development

Shelley Swallow
VP, Brand Protection

Taha Celik
VP, Supply Chain

Erin Devenish VP, Client Delivery
Erin Devenish
VP, Client Delivery

Eric Spaulding
Eric Spaulding
Growth Manager

James Perez
Growth Specialist

Lindsay Baker
Director of Brand Growth and Creative Content

Naomi Stevens
Growth Manager

Olga Anicic
Growth Specialist

Rob Cabintoy
Growth Specialist

Robert Gal
Growth Specialist

Sarah Ehrman
Director, Insights & Analytics

Simona Vuchkovska
Growth Manager

Thom Vogel
Growth Management Director

Xochil Mercado
Brand Protection Specialist

Ben Santos Bote
Supply Chain Strategist

Burak Sahin
Logistics Specialist

Cagney Reed
Sr. Logistics Manager

Furkan Caglayan
Logistics Specialist

Jill Annis
Sr. Logistics Analyst

Cynthia Dixon
Director of DSP Advertising

Misha Godfrey Zepeda
Marketplace Marketing Director

Denaya Melvin
Denaya Melvin
Enterprise Marketing Manager

Enisa Celik
Content Specialist

Jen Dronova
Marketing Specialist

Karina Kazieva
Marketing Specialist

Natalia Romanova
Marketing Specialist

Vince Herrera
Content Manager

D2E-Labs Team

D2E-Labs is building the leading marketplace services platform by bringing together first-class tech-enabled services providers. The combination in 2022 with Market Defense is the launchpad to execute on that mission.

Charles Teller Market Defense
Charles Teller

Pedro Atunes

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