Amazon 101 for Sellers – Market Defense / SCORE Webinar


Market Defense’s Vanessa Kuykendall was asked to share her Amazon knowledge with SCORE’s small businesses who are expanding their digital footprint given COVID-19. Vanessa walks the audience through all the key aspects of selling on Amazon – the pros, cons, options and best practices. If you want to sell on Amazon – or already do and want to learn more – this video is for you.


0:00 – Intro / Who is Market Defense?

3:00 – Why should you care about Amazon?

3:33 – What is Amazon Prime?

4:52 – How has COVID changed the platform? What categories are growing/declining?

6:44 – How do consumers search for products?

8:42 – Amazon’s third party marketplace – pros and cons

11:20 – What is the buy box? What goes into the algorithm? How do you win it?

20:13 – Options for selling on Amazon – pros, cons, and hidden fees

33:33 – Questions from the audience: What is the best time for a start up to consider selling on Amazon? Should you go on Amazon first or wait until after you’ve set up your dot com?

38:00 – The economics of selling on Amazon

41:00 – Advertising on Amazon – how does it work?

42:20 – Question from the audience: How do you get 3rd party resellers off your 3P site when Amazon only seems to be dealing with infringement issues?

45:00 – Three key things to remember from our session

47:25 – Questions from audience: How do you tell your brand story on Amazon? What is the difference between Amazon Basic and Amazon Choice?