Amazon Beauty in 2024: Emerging Trends to Watch

Amazon Beauty in 2024: Emerging Trends to Watch

As we welcome the new year, the beauty landscape on Amazon is poised for some intriguing shifts and developments. In this piece, I share my predictions for the key trends that will shape the Amazon beauty sector in 2024. These insights focus on emerging categories and consumer behaviors, reflecting the dynamic and evolving nature of the beauty industry. 

#1 Mature Makeup will become a focus category

Women over 45 years old make 48% of Makeup purchases (and buy 61% of Skincare) yet they are still largely ignored in marketing and product & development. Beauty Influencers on social media have picked up the conversation and now #makeupover40 tutorials on Tik Tok are approaching 600 million views. 77% of women aged 55+ wear makeup, and they deserve formulations that flatter their unique skin care needs! I predict brands will first take existing products and market them specifically to this group, then innovation in formulations and finishes will follow.

#2 Hair Growth products will continue to drive YoY growth on Amazon

Hair Care had the highest sales of all Beauty & Personal Care on Amazon with $2.5B+ in sales, and hair growth products led the revenue with a 44% YoY increase. Hair care searches in 2023 were led by a 600% jump in “Rosemary Oil,” an essential oil long touted for hair growth properties. Brands like Nutrafol and Vegamour have helped bring a formerly isolating problem out into the open; Mielle’s Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Oil has over 65,000 reviews on Amazon with helpful consumers providing testimonials and before & after pictures. With this much momentum, Hair Growth will continue to be a highly searched for category in 2024. 


#3 My wild card! Post-surgery recovery will become a growing category for innovation

Facial fillers quickly rose in popularity in the 2000’s to become a readily available anti-aging and beauty enhancing option for consumers, and experienced a boom during the pandemic as remote workers were faced with their aging visage on Zoom. Due to less-than-optimal results, filler enthusiasm has transformed to “Filler Fatigue” and early intervention surgeries are now on the rise. To have the best result, post-procedure care is important and goes beyond scar care to nutrition, topicals and even sleep care. I predict a boon in innovation in this category in supplements, nutrition programs, and sleep aids that target this high-spending customer. This consumer will be investing a lot in this permanent solution; they will want to see maximum benefits! 

As we look ahead, these predictions outline a future brimming with exciting opportunities in the Amazon beauty market. For brands, adapting to and staying ahead of these trends will be crucial. At Market Defense, we’re dedicated to helping beauty brands navigate these changes, leveraging these insights to drive success and growth. Understanding and adapting to shifts in 2024 will be key to thriving in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of beauty on Amazon.

Author: Vanessa KuykendallCOO, Market Defense