Amazon’s October 2023 Prime Big Deal Days Beauty Report

Essential Beauty Insights, Delivered

Explore our in-depth report that sheds light on Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days in the beauty retail sector. Uncover the beauty brands that stood out, the products that became instant hits, and the impactful keywords that powered significant sales. This isn’t just a collection of figures; it’s a lens into Amazon’s monumental role in the beauty industry, equipping brands and professionals with the insights to thrive.

Why Market Defense is Your Trusted Guide

At Market Defense, we thrive at the intersection of beauty and e-commerce. With hands-on experience across Amazon and other global marketplaces, our expertise goes beyond mere observation. This report offers a snapshot, a glimpse into the vast and intricate landscape of online beauty sales. Yet, while it provides valuable data, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. With Market Defense as your partner, brands delve deeper, unlocking the full potential of these dynamic online platforms.

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“Amazon is…an amazon. The numbers are huge, and it HAS to be looked at. We have used Market Defense in the past and I’m happy to share their information with you, if you have a presence on Amazon that is not being maximized.”