Market Defense is a Certified “Great Place to Work”

The news is out, and we couldn’t be prouder. Market Defense, with our global team spanning numerous time zones, has achieved the prestigious certification of a “Great Place to Work”. But our internal accolades are just the start. Our culture and dedication to excellence shape how we serve our clients in the dynamic Amazon marketplace.

What the Numbers Show

A resounding 100% of our global team believes Market Defense is a great place to work. To put that in perspective, that’s significantly above the 57% average for typical U.S.-based companies. And, 97% felt embraced by our community from their very first virtual interaction.

"My favorite thing is the work-life balance. Market Defense employees are encouraged to take PTO and we do not have a limit to the amount of PTO we can take per year."​

Our Great Place to Work is Your Brand’s Gain: Five Core Services We Deliver

Account & Brand Management: Beyond simple setups, we amplify your brand presence. Strategic pricing, captivating promotions, and dynamic support transform your listings into Amazon showpieces, backed by deep insights and adaptive strategies.

Brand Protection & Legal: We are your brand’s shield. Vigilantly safeguarding its reputation, we eliminate threats and uphold intellectual integrity, ensuring your brand story stays pristine and powerful.

Logistics & Operations: Mastering the intricate ballet of logistics, we optimize every product’s Amazon journey. From FBA compliance to spotlight-ready presentation, we ensure a seamless and efficient flow.

Marketing: We don’t just list; we narrate. Our crafted brand tales transform storefronts into stages of captivation. With strategic campaigns across digital platforms, your brand’s resonance is amplified.

DSP (Demand Side Platform): In Amazon’s vast advertising universe, we pinpoint and captivate your audience. Through tailored visuals and messages, we make sure your brand isn’t just seen—it’s remembere

"We have some of the smartest, kindest, and most talented people I've ever worked with."​

From the Heart of Market Defense

Every strategy, every innovation, every success story is a testament to our ethos:

  1. Collaborative Spirit: Though our meetings are virtual, our passion and dedication resonate palpably across screens.

  2. Innovation in Isolation: Physical distance only fuels our creative fire, sparking unique strategies and solutions.

  3. Unified Vision: Boundaries fade as we rally behind one goal—unparalleled excellence for our clients.

  4. Future-forward: Envisioning a workspace even more interconnected, where technology bridges any gaps and every team member feels an even deeper sense of belonging and purpose.

Cheers to Today, Eyes on Tomorrow

We’re not just celebrating a certification – we’re honoring the heartbeat of Market Defense: our incredible team. Every accomplishment, every milestone we achieve is a testament to the vibrant culture we’ve fostered and the dedication of each team member, no matter where they log in from. It’s this synergy that consistently drives outstanding results for our clients. As we take a moment to appreciate our present achievements, we’re also looking ahead, ready for the challenges and triumphs on the horizon. Here’s to the magic we create together, today and always.

The story doesn’t end here. Discover more about how we make magic happen by checking out our website.